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While there is no one route to entrepreneurial greatness, there are some common character traits which most successful entrepreneurs will possess. These include the following:

Enjoy responsibility
In order to make positive decisions and drive your business forwards you must be responsible, engage with staff, suppliers and customers. A good entrepreneur will be motivated by his/her responsibility and will take necessary action to ensure the wellbeing of the business and its employees is maintained.

Be creative and forward thinking
Entrepreneurs need to create and plan. In order to be successful you must be willing to take twists and turns, consider any possible events and plan accordingly. Being creative could allow you to grow your business, save money, solve problems faster, connect with customers easily and give you an expanded sense of time.

Successful entrepreneurs are motivated people and willing to deal with difficult issues when they arise. When things are going well, finding the motivation required to run a business is likely to come easily as you will be busy and reaping the rewards. However if the opposite occurs you will need to possess the motivation to find solutions to work your way through.

They take action
This means that they don’t wait for others to make decisions, they make them themselves. Accomplished entrepreneurs will generate their own activity and are less reactive. This is commonly referred to as being proactive, having internal power to make decisions before a situation presents itself. This is an extremely vital character trait to possess.

A good communicator
However digital a business may be, an entrepreneur must communicate effectively (internally & externally). This is possibly one of the most important traits on this list. Generally speaking, good communication will allow an entrepreneur to engage, converse and motivate those around him/her. It will also allow an entrepreneur to remain in full control. If you do not have this trait then your business is unlikely to take off as you hoped or reach the levels required to survive.

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